On September 20, 2023, the greatest absurdity happened since we started traveling together: We set off on our climate-friendly journey by train to Prague - the capital of beer - with just the four of us. With a heavy heart, our stalwart Burg Webs had to let us set off alone and stay in bed at home.

When we arrived in Prague, we started our time together with a hip and not at all typically Czech taste experience. This was already the vanguard for the various culinary extremes that were to follow.

But if there's one thing you can rely on in the Czech Republic, it's open pubs with top-quality draught beer. And so we stuck to our guns. "Čtyři piva, prosím!" became the most common phrase and also one of the few in Czech.

After surviving an evening in Prague's so-called "Kreuzberg" (but probably only on certain days of the week and when there is a half moon), we were able to devote ourselves to the day's business in high spirits the following day and get a few sheep out of the water before it got wet - at least underneath ...

We had no illusions that we would be able to discover all the insider highlights during our stay. And so we gave the showcase tourists a tour of the Vltava River and a not-so-deep dive into the history of the city - based on the architectural witnesses visible from the Vltava.
But we soon felt like meeting normal people and hanging out a bit. So we hopped up the stairs to Letna Park, enjoyed a dobré české pivo and watched the skaters and the city from above.

Pražský metronom

Where a huge Stalin monument stood until 1962, a metronome has now been installed, symbolizing the passage of time and reminding us not to forget the past.

The permanent visibility of Prague Castle left Philipp no peace and awakened the urgent need to visit this tourist destination as well. And so, despite his burgeoning phlegmatism, the tried and tested group dynamic kicked in - because we don't like to let anyone go off on their own. This time, however, we left the Plus at the bottom and boarded the Tatra train, which whizzed up the mountain in our place.

Poslední večer

What goes better together than rainy weather and movies? And when "Paw Patrol" ... er ... "Oppenheimer" is on, you don't have to think twice. So on the last evening we shuffled off together to the Pilotů cinema and gave ourselves an overdose of subtitles.

Odjezd Holešovice

September 23, 2013 - "Let's go - 's geht hamm!" It was less difficult to say goodbye this time than all the other times, because it's just not the same without Webs. We all agreed on that. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our time in this very friendly city. Thank you, Prague! We really enjoyed you.

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