Dress warmly

DECEMBER 2022 - "We're celebrating Christmas in the winter wonderland of the Ore Mountains," we were told. And poof, we found ourselves at the foot of the Fichtelberg to do something for our lungs and liver in Saxony's thinnest air and in convivial company.

Olympic Training Center

We wanted it to be rustic and therefore moved into the Waldeck with bag and baggage. Here, warm and refreshing hosts welcomed us and provided us with some initial good conversation and information on things to do.
We were surrounded by pictures of winter athletes that the region had produced in GDR times and who had made Olympic history.

In such good company we were able to discuss our sporting highlights for the day in a charming Ore Mountain ambience and with well-made hot drinks. We were in good spirits and the material was already rented.

However, cross-country skiing was too strenuous for us. And downhill too dangerous - we are (almost all) also no longer the youngest. So we grabbed the horn sleds and headed for the cable car that would take us to the top of the Fichtelberg. Yes, you could have also walked up, but we had been sitting comfortably in the warm for too long - and we had to set priorities, we wanted to have enough time to stop later.

Once we reached the top, we gasped for air, because an icy wind was blowing that could only be defied with a hot stomach warmer. The first technical devices gave up the ghost and were stowed close to the body and fall-proof. Car keys and wallets and whatever else one likes to lose, Wiebke got in concentrated confidence that she would probably arrive safely at the bottom. On 1740m distance can happen so much.

The first bumps surprised even the most experienced of us, and one or two curves took us by surprise despite warnings. But in the snow, everyone automatically becomes a child again. And then the almost 2 km were over so quickly and everyone wanted to "nochmaaaaal".

The retreat

The last steep bend took us to the PRIJUT 12 shelter, where we found warmth, people in snowsuits and, of course, refreshment in liquid form. While the girls still took the walk to the sled rental and on the way accidentally got stuck in a pastry shop in front of grandma's coffee set, the gentlemen were already worried - because Christmas dinner at the Waldeck was already waiting for us.

We actually didn't want to give each other so much this year - but as it always is. Then you find an old pair of VR glasses here and an old iPod shuffle there, and before you know it, the whole table is full of junk presents.

The night was over, the breakfast buffet plundered and the first liters of coffee had flowed down our throats, so we set off on a cautious little winter hike. We were still a bit damaged from our sporting feats of the previous day. But the crunch of the snow under our shoes and a few rays of sunshine on our faces gave us a nice ending to our little stay in the Ore Mountains.

Schie was!